The Difference Between A General Dentist And A Pediatric Dentist

By | April 18, 2020

This article tells you all the differences between a general dentist and a pediatric dentist, and why it can be helpful to find your doctor to work with the teeth of the smallest of the house.

There are a lot of various types of dental practices, so how do you know when to see a general dentist and when to ask the help of a pediatric dentist?

Who is a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists are devoted to the oral health of kids from childhood to adolescence.

They have the skills and knowledge to care for the gums, teeth, and mouth of a child during the different steps of childhood thanks to pediatric dentistry.

Your baby starts to have their own teeth during the first part of the year of their life. By the age of 6 or 7, they start to lose their initial kit of teeth, that are displaced by changeless secondary teeth.

Without proper dental care of professionals, children face probable oral cavities and conditions that can produce a continuance of discomfort and pains.

All dentists, despite the specialty they practice, attend a dental school that lasts 4 years, either for a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS) or a doctorate in dental medicine (DMD).

Once they have finished the primary degree program, some doctors decide to continue with additional practice in a dental specialty area. Pediatric dentistry is one of those practices.

What type of education do pediatric dentists have?

Pediatric doctors have performed at least:

  • Four years of dental school
  • Two extra years of residency instruction in pediatric dentistry for babies, toddlers, teenagers, and babies with special demands

From the first teeth that grow in your child’s mouth (usually around 6 months of age), it is when you should seek the advice of a pediatric dentist because if a growth problem is discovered it is important to treat it early to avoid irreversible damage.

Who needs the help of pediatric dentists:

  • Babies who drink from bottles can develop cavities if parents do not brush their teeth properly.
  • Young children can develop a practice of sucking their fingers, which can provide to bad oral hygiene.
  • Children who have problems grinding their teeth may require professional attention.
  • Kids have particular dietary demands that meet their needs to grow strong gums and teeth.

General doctors often know some of this, but without specific education, they may not be capable to provide care that is geared to the needs of children.

What types of medicines do pediatric dentists afford?

Pediatric dentistry provides complete oral health care for children that covers the following:

  • Child oral health exams, which cover a caries risk assessment.
  • Preventive dental attention that includes fluoride and cleaning procedures, as well as nutrition tips.
  • Advice on certain habits (for example, use of the pacifier and thumb suction).
  • Early evaluation and treatment to straighten teeth and correct an incorrect bite (orthodontics).
  • Repair of cavities or dental defects.
  • Examination of oral diseases connected with disorders such as congenital heart defects, attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder, asthma, hay fever, and diabetes.
  • Control of conditions and diseases of the gums including ulcers, and mucocele.
  • Care of dental injuries (displaced, knocked-out or fractured teeth).

The pediatric dentist is less scary

Attending the williamsburg virginia dentist can be scary for adults and even more for children. But a pediatric dentist offers additional measures to ensure that kids feel relaxed during their visit.

For example, some clinics use dental equipment that is specifically created for a child’s mouth, so they are more pleasant. They also present each item of tools that they are going to use. So, your baby will know what instrument is being used and why.

The pediatric dentist erases the concern of the unexplained and involves the little one every step of the way, gently and without confusing them.

Because the pediatric dentist focuses on the treatment of children, clinics are designed for kids. They will find entertaining games and things to examine that you simply wouldn’t see at a general dentist’s clinic.

Everything, from the waiting room to the dental chair, is created to pleasure kids. Pediatric™s aim is to help children get excited about their next visit to the dentist!