Oak Openings – A Nature Walk

This video just shows the Beauty of Northwest Ohio In Spring Time. It is a Beautiful Place and this video didn’t do it justice. On In the Video you will see a few wild creatures here and there. You will just hear nature at its best.

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25 Responses to “Oak Openings – A Nature Walk”

  1. deltaguy28 Says:

    Have fun!! The union thats on strike is starting to vote on the proposed contract!! *Crosses every human limb possible*

  2. fangirl4ever2007 Says:

    I think I could hear forky tweeting in the background lol

    Well I’m off to work! Have a great day!

  3. deltaguy28 Says:

    Again No I don’t Live there~ Its Close to my home. Thank you

  4. SandyNeatfeld Says:

    What Do You Do Live There? This is very Nice

  5. deltaguy28 Says:

    Now I am 53!! Woo Hoo!! Keep on Talking

  6. fangirl4ever2007 Says:

    woo hooo moving on up!

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  7. deltaguy28 Says:

    now it back to 94 Grr Youtube Is toying with Me!!!

  8. deltaguy28 Says:

    Well Now It Is #78 LMAO

  9. deltaguy28 Says:

    Who would have thought I would have an honor for this video!! I best be getting honors for Part 1 and Part 2 of the videos from today or all hell will break loose!! Oh The Pain!!

  10. fangirl4ever2007 Says:

    deltaguy lmao!

    But of course! nice nature vid hehehe
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  11. deltaguy28 Says:

    Well what ever we use are in ever car on the roads!! BTW this video has an honor!! LMAO

  12. fangirl4ever2007 Says:

    larry you better be careful around those chemicals! I saw a guy end up in the hospital that was working for goodyear and he was so sick for years, lost a lot of weight etc.
    For awhile they thought he had some kind of cancer. I don’t know what ever became of him.

  13. deltaguy28 Says:

    Sound like me and my allergic reaction to work!! All the chemicals we use! Hopefully will be back to work soon. But will be going threw YouTube withdrawal.

  14. fangirl4ever2007 Says:

    I hate mosquitoes! We have them in Oklahoma and I’m so allergic to them I start sneezing when they bite me lol

  15. deltaguy28 Says:

    See here In Ohio You got to do your Nature walks In the Early to Late Spring other wise your Mosquitoes Food!

  16. fangirl4ever2007 Says:

    nice nature walk! I’m hoping to do plenty of that this summer! :)

  17. deltaguy28 Says:

    I spend 5 hours there! I am thinking about put in music to it!! But I dont know what! Something relaxing! This is a relaxing video! Something good for the soul! Any Suggestions?

  18. Dunky1962 Says:

    lol you and that fork get everywhere haha

  19. deltaguy28 Says:

    I don’t think red woods grow here! They are just massive trees.

  20. LisasForkedChicken Says:

    wow, that was beautiful! almost looked like a rain forest! i could just see myself walking there for hours and just enjoying everything, and feel the wind through my fork… lol!

  21. Dunky1962 Says:

    lol that’s why all the wild life is in hiding with all the planes next door, great editing there!! are the trees in Golls Woods – red woods? i have planted them here, so beautiful trees:):)

  22. deltaguy28 Says:

    Oh NO! There was noise since this Preserve is Right Next To The Airport! So I edited out the “Air Traffic”. There is another Place I want to go west of here about 30 minuets called ” GOLLS WOODS” It’s a “Virgin Forrest” No Tree has been cut down. Any fallen trees Lie where they fall. Except over the Trails. There are trees there that would need 4 or 5 people holding hands to go around the diameter.That place is amazing but the Mosquitoes are REAL bad there

  23. deltaguy28 Says:

    At 2:22 you here the trees talking! Well thats what I call it! I love the woods! Wish there was more of them around!

  24. Gordoncraiguk Says:

    Very nice vid Larry/Vanessa!! LOL
    No, really nice. I’m sure I heard a door open at 2:22 though! :)
    You would love ‘The New Forest’ here in Hampshire! It’s surprisingly similar, only here the birds seem to make much more noise! haha
    5 stars buddy!!! *****

  25. Dunky1962 Says:

    Great looking video, as you may guess i like trees! and all things nature, it’s good that preserves are kept and not touched so everyone can enjoy the wild life and flara, it looks like you really enjoyed your trek though the woods, no noise at all, just peace and quite, nature at it’s best 5*