Groundwater contamination by the hands of human

The process of eliminating and removing pollutants and other contaminants before these pollutants pollute the groundwater is called groundwater remediation. It is more or less a process of purification of groundwater carried out by different techniques, also called purification of soil and water in industrial areas. We can avoid many environmental problems by the aid of groundwater remediationgroundwater remediation. These problems actually affect the health of soil and air as well as health of people living around the globe. It is most effective way to make our environment healthy, if we take care of water pollution. As we all know that water is basic requirement of all living thing on this planet and its contamination will affect all living thing to some extent. There is massive involvement of human activities to pollute water.

When human civilization moved forward towards economic development, we started making big and massive structure in the race of development but we never thought about various environmental factors. We saw consequences when we tried to disturb the processes made by nature itself. Now people started to think about environmental friendly products and adapted a path in which nature is not further harmed by human activities. Contamination of groundwater is another human activity and now groundwater remediation is used to minimize the damages done by the hands of humans. It is also considered vital way to remove pollutants because it protects humans and environment for long period of time.

There are different ways to purify groundwater one of them is use of activated carbon. It is important part of purification because of having large surface area, which binds with chemical and organic impurities. This process is called absorption, where carbon absorbs impurities out of water. This process is very effective in removing impurities from water. Active carbon is used in powder form to increase its surface area further. There are some other ways to carry out groundwater remediation as well, which falls in two categories, biological methods and chemical methods. Chemical methods are just like we discussed the use of active carbon, chemicals are used to either absorb impurities or make them into form of precipitations, which can be filtered easily. Sometimes problem is not with water but soil is contaminated, since soil is connected with ground water or in other words, water have to pass though soil in order to reach ground. For such situations we use soil remediation methods so we can obtain pure groundwater.

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