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 The Oak Openings Region

Covering more than 130 square mile, the Oak Openings Region in NW Ohio is an exceptionally unique ecosystem. Consisting mostly of savannas of white and black oaks and grassland prairies. It is considered by The Nature Conservancy as having a similar ecological importance as the Florida Everglades. This extraordinary region was created after the last […]

 Oak Openings Bio Blitz Videos

Videos taken during a survey of critters and plants at Oak Openings Metropark, June 22-23,2007

 The Amazing Lupine Flower

Lupines are symbolic of the imagination. The name “lupinus” actually means “of wolves” due to the mistaken belief that ancient peoples had that lupines robbed the soil of nutrients. The fact is that lupines actually add nitrogen to the soil. In the United States, lupines grow well in the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast, New […]

 Oak Openings – A Nature Walk

This video just shows the Beauty of Northwest Ohio In Spring Time. It is a Beautiful Place and this video didn’t do it justice. On In the Video you will see a few wild creatures here and there. You will just hear nature at its best.

 Pond Survey at Oak Openings Oct 4 2008

Surveying the critters in a pond at Oak Openings Metropark on October 4 2008.