Blue Racers

The majestic Blue Racer.

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13 Responses to “Blue Racers”

  1. SalineSnakeGuy85 Says:

    I’ve never harassed any snakes, nor collected any, nor would I do either. I only aim to photograph and get video of that species and to collect data for the somewhat FAILING herp atlas project that was supposed to be done in 2005. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

  2. SalineSnakeGuy85 Says:


    Thanks. Believe me I know the feeling of frustration, but they’re only doing their job which I respect. Its good that they’re cautious about any sort of activity they see that could be suspicious. However, the only reason I’ve spent any time in the field looking for Massasaugas is to promote conservation through education.

  3. Michlimania Says:

    Awesome species.

    I’m still peeved about the heat from The DNR on your Sauga research when you do nothing but justice for the conservation and preservation for these beautiful snakes of Michigan.

    You helped educate and promote understanding via youtube video on the Massasauga and in return get persecuted by the government, when I know so many who have killed the snake out of fear. This is “B.S.” Especially when you promoted preservation through education.

  4. waywardmuse Says:

    Wow. It’s interesting to know we have places in the US where snakes can be found in trees!

  5. KawaiiKemonomimi Says:

    Wow, sweet! Biggest snake I see where I live has been a gopher snake.

  6. smetlogik Says:

    Exactly where in Montcalm? ;) Nice finds, def good lookin’ snakes. 2fer1.

  7. SalineSnakeGuy85 Says:


    Montcalm County, not Macomb.

  8. CorallusKeeper Says:

    Very nice find. I am ready for my next Herp outing this Wednesday & Thursday.

  9. kidknarly1 Says:

    Great findd:)

  10. BallPythonLuver Says:

    Beautiful color on them! That one was pretty big too!

  11. jigglestumps Says:

    I love how you always where a MICHIGAN hoody. I’m from Norwich UK, don’t think it has quite the same effect.
    Nice snake, looks like a good find. I don’t want to crit, I love your videos. But I’m not so familiar with some of the snakes in Michigan, if you could possibly talk a little bit more about their habitat, mannerisms etc I’d really love that. (I know it’s a cheeky request)
    If you do I’ll do a little video about our only venomous snake over here.


  12. zucabrasil Says:

    Nice snake.

  13. geckokid94 Says:

    where in macomb